Friday, November 21, 2008

Cat Cora Cooks

I photographed Iron Chef Cat Cora at the Institute of Culinary Education last night.  She was giving a cooking demonstration and signed her book "Cooking From the Hip".  Yum!  I think I'm inspired!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Catherine and Bobby

I shot Catherine and Bobby in Central Park on Sunday and they were so much fun to shoot! They had so much positive energy and you can just feel the love and passion! They looked incredible and the weather was spectacular. You can see more from their session here.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Ana and Robin won the auctions! Thanks so much for your fabulous generosity and I look forward to shooting your portraits!!!

Thank you to all my friends for you lovely cards and checks and healthy wishes you have been sending. You are all wonderful!!!! Thank you, thank you!


Help Aaron!

Aaron this past summer.
Aaron, me and Cousin Kate!

My dear cousin Aaron Brisbois of Seattle, Washington is battling cancer and I am auctioning off some photography services to help!

Here's the deal: Aaron, who just turned 39, has Stage IV bladder cancer that has spread to his liver and lungs. He is starting radiation within a week to help ease the pain but he had to give up his job as a massage therapist to help himself recover full-time. He's uninsured but being treated by the University of Washington Medical Center. He is seeking assistance and disability but frankly this will take a while to kick in and he needs money for living expenses - tout de suite!

Want to help?

I have three ways you can get involved:

1) Bid on a Fabulous Photography Session from me - two will be auctioned off! Each session is 1 hour for either a personal portrait or family photo - just in time for the holidays! I'll photograph kids, a family, a couple, or portrait! Hey, even a pet portrait! Want a great photo for online dating? I'll do that too! Just get engaged? I'll document it! Check out my website if you haven't seen my work:

Opening Bid: $10

Images will be included on a DVD and you can choose 1 8x12 color or black & white print! This session is for personal use only - no commercial work! The session can take place in New York City! If you live outside New York, email me with regards to travel.

The winner of the auction will send the money to Aaron via PayPal directly.

2) Send any donation to him directly: There is a way to donate via PayPal.   The email address is: Any amount will be appreciated. I'm sending this to all my friends so if everyone sends $5 - 10 it adds up! If you want to skip paypal and send a check or note send it to Aaron Brisbois, 1643 South Weller Street Apt. B, Seattle, WA 98144.

3) Keep Aaron in your prayers (free!!). Send your good thoughts his way.

If you know someone who might want a photo session or you think might want to help go ahead and send them a link!  I do not wish to intrude and I totally understand if people just can't help financially. I love my cousin and am doing this to help him and raise some money to cover his living expenses. He's a fabulous guy and is so appreciative of all the love and support he has received thus far.

Thank you so much for reading this and helping if you can. The auction will end at noon EST on Friday, November 14th. I will post auction bids as often as possible. I don't have any real auction bidding tools on my blog so just email me your bid or add it as a comment with your contact information and I'll post the highest two bids each day!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Some Recent Faves

I shot an event for The Smithsonian on Thursday at The Mandarin Oriental. I was thrilled to photograph Chuck Close and Bill Cunningham - (one of my favorite photographers ever!) stopped by to cover the event. I loved catching him in action! Here's a few of the details!!!
Chuck Close

The Scene

Bill in action!