Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting Alice Waters

So I photographed The Children's Aid Society's Next Generation Catering Company that catered World Hunger Year's launch of a Call to Action to end the food crisis. There were some amazing chefs and writers there including one of my favorites - Alice Waters - proprietor of Chez Panisse in my old hometown, Berkeley, CA.

Here's a quote from the CAS website: Teens at Children’s Aid’s new Next Generation Center in the Bronx are participating in nutrition and cooking classes and have begun a catering company that produces delicious and healthful foods for Children’s Aid events and those outside the organization. This entrepreneurial venture is teaching youth in a neighborhood with little access to fresh and healthful foods how to cook with the highest quality ingredients."

The food was amazing and they had a list of the farms where the food came from.  I don't usually eat when I am working but the kids wanted me to try some things - amazing! So anyone needing a great caterer - call them!
The legendary Alice Waters photographing the food.

Two future superstar-chefs!
There was quite a long line for the food!
The Next Generation Catering Crew.

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