Monday, April 13, 2009

The New York Auto Show - My Favorite Cars

I had a great time shooting the New York Auto Show last week.  I was there to shoot for Jeep and Hyundai but I went out on my own and took advantage of the day.  I shot a few of my faves and some of them are perfect for friends of mine!  This one below I thought would be great for Don - there's always a lot of gear to help me load and these are roooooomy!

I think my friends Mike & Mike might like these muscle cars. I loved the giant transformer!

OK, this Mini is Sweet! That's for you Angel!

I wanted to rename this Upsie-Daisy! I think all my dog lover friends (Colleen esp!) have to have this one! There's even a little doggie bed in the back!

The Classic Bug - yes I remember the 70's!

A few Bentleys - I thought Margo would like these...

I'll have more later!!! Thanks Joe for getting me in!

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