Tuesday, August 11, 2009


OK, well, my neighbors found this lovely pup in an abandoned parking lot on our street.  He was scared as can be but with a little food, water and the help of another puppy Lucy, they coaxed him out and we are now looking for a home!  He is called Baby Pit Goodie but the owner is welcome to rename him!  We took him to the vet so he's getting his shots and he's been neutered.  He had worms but that's being treated and he's good to go! The vet thinks he's about 3 and seems to be a Pit Bull mix with maybe some sight hound and beagle but nobody knows for sure.  He's really come a long way in 3 days!  He is very snuggly and gives lots of kisses, enjoys gourmet chicken (from Citarella of course!) and is inquisitive about cats. He's been introduced to several dogs in the neighborhood and gets along with other dogs just fine. He's gone to the bathroom outside (both #1 and #2) so he might not be totally housebroken yet but he seems like a quick learner.  We've been using all the Caesar Millan moves and he's doing great!  He's a little thin and weighed in at 37 pounds at the vet but we think he should gain some weight.

He is a bit shy and wary of new people - he is a little afraid.  Let's face it, you would be too if someone dumped you in a parking lot for 2 days.  He nipped two people yesterday more out of fear than aggression and we are looking for someone who can work with him to help him with his self esteem.  He didn't break the skin and isn't out to attack people.  He's not aggressive - just a little wary but once he gets to know you he somothers you with affection and flops his little head on your lap. 

If you think you might want to bring Baby Pit Goodie into your home or know someone who isa great candidate, please feel free to email Brian, his temporary foster parent, and he can talk to you more about him and how to adopt him.  Email him at b235brian@optonline.net


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