Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Pit Goodie Finds a Home!

We are happy to announce that after just 2 weeks Baby Pit Goodie aka Rufus has a new home!  Our friends Chris & Rebecca and their daughter Maggie came to The Bronx from Boston to meet him over the weekend and they adopted him last night!  We are so thrilled that he has a new loving home and so grateful for everyone who helped give this little guy a great home!  We have had him in our house for a week and he really added to the energy of the house.  Even our Great Pyrenees Daisy took him in!  Thanks to Brian, Gigi, Lucy, Ana, Angel and Don for being such awesome neighbors and thanks to Dr. Lenny Silverman in Park Slope for keeping him healthy!  

Personally, I think that we should get the dog to Twitter - we all want to know how he is doing!  I do know he went for a 3 mile walk this morning and then headed to Petsmart.  Hmm, looks like someone is getting some new toys!  

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