Thursday, October 08, 2009

Edi & Cole, Part I

What to say, what to say? Well, I was a guest at this amazing wedding of our good friends Edi & Cole and Ira Fox photographed the event for me - them - us. Well, we just loved the whole day and night and can't stop gushing about how amazing everything was. First off, the thunderstorm suddenly cleared as dear Edi came down the aisle and the sun was shining the rest of the afternoon! The guests were escorted to dinner at Superfine by a duo of musicians and we arrived to a sumptuous cocktail hour and amazing dinner. Oh, and apparently to be friends with Edi & Cole you must be able to rock it on stage! It was like being at the Grammys! Well, the party was amazing and Don & I danced the night away and met so many of Cole & Edi's friends and family. Cheers to my amazing friends! I love you both! Thanks for having us and letting us capture the day! Oh, this is Round 1 of the photos - there will be more later! I just had to give you a taste! XOXO

PS  Friends & family can leave notes here for the happy couple!  Just click on Comment below the images!  


  1. What wonderful shots! I love how the sun came out just as Edi walked down the aisle - congrats to the happy couple!!! xox -Anna

  2. Lil, as usual - a fabulous eye, congratulations to Cole & Edi, & the Mother of the bride better WORK in that orange suit - LOVE IT!

  3. Beautiful shots of a beautiful day! Magnificent!