Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Photo du Jour - My Honeymoon Part 1

I actually took my camera on my honeymoon to Cozumel and wanted to post a few images from time to time.  Of course the weather was AMAZING in October and the diving was even better!  I didn't have the time to put together an underwater outfit so I could shoot the actual dives but that worked out perfectly as we were mostly drift-diving and I needed to watch where I was going!  We saw amazing creatures including 2 sea horses, a pipe horse, spotted eagle rays, stingrays and my favorite - sea turtles!  We also saw at least 1 nurse shark on each dive.  

Our dive instructor Victor Brito was incredible - so visit his website if you plan on visiting Cozumel - he's got his own boat and takes you to reefs that the usual dive shops don't usually dive.  Actually getting a hold of Victor is a bit of work - he'd rather be diving than answer the phone.  But be persistent.  That's all I can say.

We stayed at the Wyndham which was right on the water.  We treated ourselves to a beachfront room so we could look out at the sunset every night and hear the sound of the ocean.

Here's a few images of the beach at the hotel.  Ahhhhh..

The pier in front of our hotel in Cozumel.
The horizon from our beach!

My husband takes a jump from the pier.

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